MZ-1500S Single Rod Holder Downrigger

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Product Overview

The MZ-1500S Single Rod Holder Downrigger.

This downrigger has a Starboard mounted single, fully adjustable rod holder with 9 angular adjustments and 24 rotational positions with 1 handed angular adjustability. This rigger has the same motor, upgrades and options as all Magnum Metalz downriggers and offers all the same features. Built tough for everyday use from stainless steel & anodized aluminum. Capable of lifting 25 lb weights in both motor speeds day in and day out gives you the deep water advantage. Comes equipped with a powerful 12 volt motor with IP66 water protection, tinned power cable for years of worry free use and a liquid smooth clutch which eliminates need for auto stop. This rigger also offers the through center wiring for clean, professional mounting and a minimal 3" x 3" mounting plate with the small boater in mind. It was brought to our attention by one of our customers that connecting the line to the line release with a long boom was difficult due to the fact that the "over the spool" rod holder limited the angle at which the boom could be lifted before the rod holder interfered. His solution was mounting the rod holder on the side, so we did, Introducing the "Port" & "Starboard" singles. Now, rod and rod holder are conveniently mounted to the right or left of the boom, out of the way when re-setting rods, brilliant!

The Downrigger comes Equipped as follows:

  • 1 foot, 1 piece Boom (Upgrade available)
  • 1 Fully Adjustable Rodholder
  • Spacer Base (Swivel Base Upgrade available)
  • Ball Hanger
  • 200 ft of 150 lb Stainless Cable (Upgrade available)
  • 130 fpm Motor (200 fpm motor available)
  • 6' tinned power cable (longer lengths available)
  • DuBro "Shock Absorber" kit
  • DuBro adjustable tension "Line Release"
  • Multiple Mounting Options Available

Like all Magnum Metalz products, Designed for the small boater, Built for a charter.