MZ-1500S Single Rod Holder Downrigger

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The MZ-1500S Single Rod Holder Downrigger.

This downrigger has a Starboard mounted single, fully adjustable rod holder with 9 angular adjustments and 24 rotational positions with 1 handed angular adjustability. This rigger has the same motor, upgrades and options as all Magnum Metalz downriggers and offers all the same features. Built tough for everyday use from stainless steel & anodized aluminum. Capable of lifting 25 lb weights in both motor speeds day in and day out gives you the deep water advantage. Comes equipped with a powerful 12 volt motor with IP66 water protection, tinned power cable for years of worry free use and a liquid smooth clutch which eliminates need for auto stop. This rigger also offers the through center wiring for clean, professional mounting and a minimal 3" x 3" mounting plate with the small boater in mind. It was brought to our attention by one of our customers that connecting the line to the line release with a long boom was difficult due to the fact that the "over the spool" rod holder limited the angle at which the boom could be lifted before the rod holder interfered. His solution was mounting the rod holder on the side, so we did, Introducing the "Port" & "Starboard" singles. Now, rod and rod holder are conveniently mounted to the right or left of the boom, out of the way when re-setting rods, brilliant!

The Downrigger comes Equipped as follows:

  • 1 foot, 1 piece Boom (Upgrade available)
  • 1 Fully Adjustable Rodholder
  • Spacer Base (Swivel Base Upgrade available)
  • Ball Hanger
  • 200 ft of 150 lb Stainless Cable (Upgrade available)
  • 130 fpm Motor (200 fpm motor available)
  • 6' tinned power cable (longer lengths available)
  • DuBro "Shock Absorber" kit
  • DuBro adjustable tension "Line Release"
  • Multiple Mounting Options Available

Like all Magnum Metalz products, Designed for the small boater, Built for a charter.

Product Reviews

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Written by Frank on 22nd Aug 2021

Great rigger, doesn't get better than this. Great quality.

Written by aaron woodward on 28th Sep 2020

nicest downrigger on the market

Written by dan black on 21st Sep 2020

These are really nice! Very impressed with the machining quality. Feel like a big time salmon fisherman running these downriggers. Would definitely buy these again. no buyers remorse.

Review of MZ-1500P
Written by Bill Brock on 20th Sep 2019

Excellent product at a great price! The rest of the industry should follow your example!! Thank you!!!

Written by Keith Wall on 13th Aug 2019

Very smooth, well built, if your in the market for new Downrigger no need to look any farther, These are the best...

A No-Frills rigger that does it all
Written by Brian Lacko on 3rd Nov 2018

I've used every rigger out there either on my boat or someone else's. I've always been a Cannon guy because of the short stop. All the riggers had flaws and the new Cannon STX are the worst. I bought a set and never liked them from day 1. I searched the internet for something else and I found it with Magnum Metalz. It's a simple, compact rigger that does it all. I bought the 140fps motor because I can't see having a ball swinging in the breeze while I'm retrieving the lure. So at that speed I get the lure in and sometimes changed out just as the ball gets to the surface. The slower speed is easier on all the equipment. Something the high speed Cannons weren't. The next thing was the clutch system. As I said before I wanted the short stops. Well this clutch system is smooth as silk. The ball comes up, the spring hits the boom and the clutch slips. The ball doesn't jerk around like it does with the Cannons. I forget sometimes and the rigger is just sitting there spinning away with the ball hanging there. I haven't had a single issue. The rigger is quiet, way quieter than the Cannons. The rigger is compact, half the size of other riggers. I finally have my transom back. Fit and finish on these riggers is second to none. No cheap plastic crap to break. They simply look good and work even better. I can't be happier with them. The service was great. One last thing, you can order the rigger the way you want it which is a plus. You can order different rodholder configurations, different cable lengths and different boom lengths. If you're looking for something better than what's out there these are it.

Bought the port and starboard side riggers.
Written by undefined on 2nd Jul 2018

They are great. Service is good. Easy mounting. I couldn't see spending $2,000 on a set of 2 Big John's or Cannons and they really don't compare to these magnums at all built tough, durable and everyday use for years to come.

Top Notch Product!
Written by Troy on 18th Jun 2018

I've operated several different manufacturers' downriggers and Magnum Metalz is by a far superior product. The machining and fit and finish on Magnum Metalz downriggers is probably the best there is. Additionally, these downriggers were designed in a straight forward manner that will make servicing them, if needed, very easy. The motor on these downriggers is strong and fast, but the super smooth clutch system eliminates the stress put on your boat and downrigger that some other manufacturers' downriggers do. The other benefit of the Magnum Metalz clutch system is not needing a short-stop feature. This reduces the chances that a cannonball will hit the side of your boat in rough water. The Magnum Metalz downrigger is a high end no frills product at a very reasonable price. Finally, Bill is more than willing to answer your questions and the customer service is very good, too!